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Cloud Computing

We help companies and schools migrate to hosted exchange on the platform of their choice and Hosted PBX. People are driven by the power of collaboration and being able to do so from anywhere on this planet. We will help you with the implementation and support.

IT Security

Security is everything is today’s world. We will protect your company from any malicious attacks.

Computer Repair

We get your gadget up and running in the shorted possible time.

Network Design

The best performing network means you get things done quickly. We have network specialists waiting for your call. They will get all your devices talking in no time

Data Backup and Recovery

When disaster strikes you can always trust SF Consortium to come to your rescue. We offer onsite and offsite backup solutions with frequent restore tests. Whats also important is that we have inhouse sophisticated recovery software to recover data in an event of drive failure!

Cyber Security
Strategic Planning

It always helps to have a team by your side that helps you plan for the future and reduce cost. We have mastered this art, all our clients can be contacted for a reference.