SF Consortium is an all-in-one technology umbrella, meaning we take care of all your IT needs. You do not have to hire different companies to take care of different aspects of your technology needs, we do it all. Below is a comprehensive list of our services.

Google and Ms Office 365 for Business and Education

We help companies and schools migrate to hosted exchange on the platform of their choice. People are driven by the power of collaboration and being able to do so from anywhere on this planet. We will help you with the implementation and support.

Technical Support

Nothing is as frustrating as technology that’s not working when you have so much to do. Let’s face it, our lives and jobs heavily relies on technology. For some it’s easier to get support when at the office but this shouldn’t end there, well that’s where SF Consortium steps in. WE do home and office support. Get in touch now!

Web and Graphics Design

Imagery catches the eye; it sets your business apart from the rest. A great looking website is more likely to attract more viewers. You are the best in what you do so let your website say that about you. We have perfected the art of simplicity.

Software Development

The world has evolved so beautifully to such an extent that devices can do almost anything we instruct them to do. This is the century of apps. They are meant to enhance our lives, so why not let the masters of logic and design help you build an App that will do anything you want.

Network design and implementation

The best performing network means you get things done quickly. We have network specialists waiting for your call. They will get all your devices talking in no time.

IT Consulting and Advisory services

We offer consulting services. Our clients can contact us anytime for advice!

Number of employees 

The company currently employs four very talented IT specialist.


We are based in South Africa but because of our flexibility, we assist clients all over the world.


  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Standard monthly SLA or Yearly depending on requirements
  • Managing your domain and emails
  • IT Procurement
  • Monthly IT reports
  • Advisory services
  • Website maintenance if required
  • Apps development
  • Software support and installations
  • Software licensing
  • Training
  • Cloud services if required
  • We will take care of all your IT needs.