Why SF Consortium

With the growth of mobile, social, big data, and the Internet of Things (IoT), the quantity and diversity of data have skyrocketed. To embrace these trends and drive better business outcomes, organizations need IT as a trusted partner more than ever before. As a result, IT is being tasked with managing dense workloads, ramping up data storage and security, upgrading legacy systems, and accommodating the technology demands of a mobile workforce. With limited budgets and lean staff, the gap between escalating business demands for fast, value-added services and IT’s ability to supply it continues to grow.

For many, the answer lies in modernizing IT infrastructures—especially servers—to make them easy to manage and completely secure, whether critical applications and data are hosted onsite or in the cloud. Small business need server platforms that not only address current needs but also seamlessly handle future workloads, while lowering costs. New innovations in server technology now make it possible for small businesses to leverage the performance and efficiencies that only large enterprises could afford before.

ITaaS has numerous benefits. Partnering with SF Consortium:

  • Minimal upfront IT investment
  • Regular, predictable expenses
  • Financial transparency
  • Tax advantages
  • Continuous monitoring of services
  • Expert technical support
  • Scalability
  • Regular software upgrades and patches
  • Guarantee of up-to-date hardware