Netflix in South Africa

What’s the Hype all about?

The Television and broadcasting landscape has changed dramatically over the last 20 years, especially in our South African context. Gone are the days when TV providers would lock us down to content they saw fit. Same old boring stuff.

The horizons have expanded, we are now spoilt for choice and viewing is becoming so much cheaper. We are now able to record, download and stream content on smart TVs and other capable devices.

Remember when we were locked to SABC1,2&3 and then etv was introduced? Well you basically knew the programming on all the channels back then, when pay TV became available and affordable we were blown away.

As the world evolved not even that was sufficient. Monopoly is fast becoming a bitter pill to swallow. Netflix is expanding its services, free DNS services (Internet TV) that allows us to watch international content are becoming more and more available and competition is surely stiffening.

Pay TV providers will soon be forced to drop prices, forge new partnerships and make available more content to ordinary South Africans. I know some of you are probably saying what is he talking about but trust me it won’t be too long till you get wind of the wave of change. I personally cannot wait for digital migration to happen, we are starved and this will open many doors.

So what is Netflix and how does it benefit you?

Simple, Netflix is like the guy who freed Nelson Mandela, he gave us freedom (excuse such a wild comparison). Netflix is Video On Demand(VOD) service that’s sets us free from Overpriced cabled TV. Netflix is an American product and was founded on 29 August 1997. On Netflix you stream all the best TV series and movies with no limits. You pause, rewind, stop and watch later, basically you do as you please. Its video on demand you watch when you want on any capable device. It’s your house, your rules. Tired of watching Mlaza (old material)? Say no more, now you have an opportunity to watch all current block busters and series.

How does it work
Firstly, it requires internet. Okay maybe I shouldn’t be mentioning that, its obvious right? Internet availability in South Africa is on another level. I understand there about 10 million connected people. If you are reading this, you are one of them. So you create an account and sign up for a subscription fee of about USD11.99 per month. This is way too reasonable seeing that you stand to benefit far much more. No more pirating movies. Buying hard disks to copy movies from a friend. Downloading movies from dangerous torrent sites. Welcome to the future baby and here you are boss.

Were you hiring DVDs? Shame. Well Netflix has just rescued you even though this was their first official business model now everything is at your fingertips. As they expand into new territories they work very hard to make local content available and I’m very excited about this. Why did it take so long to arrive though? This is total control, hassle free and no need to worry about recording space.

Of course it’s not going to be easy for this service to become a market leader in South Africa. Change doesn’t go down well with most South Africans especially if it’s innovative high tech but trust me when I say that this is the only entertainment package that seems to care about your pocket. Look at how much you spend when you have to go to the movies, now the “movies” is at your house and fingertips. The future of viewing is here!