How did it all start?

SF Consortium was founded in 2016 by our Mr Success Ngobeni, he presented the idea to a few of his friends and because it sounded like what the modern society needs, they didn’t hesitate to get on board. SF takes all of its clients and put them in the exciting future of technology.

We deal with all the latest technologies and also advice on what is hot currently.Some have already labelled us the future but we say we are whatever our clients thinks of us. We have a group of highly qualified technology experts, who will assist you in no time. your problems are after all our hobby. We give technology assistance to top companies and most importantly home users.

We aim to create a community out of this venture. Where people will meet and share technology ideas/findings.

Come play with us!

What are you interested in?

Technical support?

You have landed on the right page, the right community. Move in!!